#OCSB EQAO Results disturbing #ottnews #ottschools

Of the OCSB Elementary schools that have a rolling 5 year average (49 of them), the latest published EQAO results  are concerning. Their most recent scores were only 0.5% above their 5 year average (ie. virtually nil). Please note that the 2015 results are not out because their were too many strikes and “work to rules” (whose rules? union rules) to give good multi-board data across Ontario

Taxpayers are spending $12000+/child (there are always other special infusions to school boards). This is approximately equivalent of a good independent school (some cost more, some are 30-40% less)




EQAO results:



Let’s look at St Thomas More (STM)


St Thomas More was mentioned as model digital eco-system in the Ottawa Citizen. Lots of media were there.



https://www.fallconnections.com/news/innovation-that-sticks-at-the-ocsb (safe link)


What has happened to STM?? Grade 6 math marks down from 2.9 to 2.6 and their ranking has gone from 334/2348 schools to 656 our of 3037 schools


Parents at the following schools should check carefully what is going on (too much social justice, eco-schools, no phonics, weird discovery math, etc)

St James Kanata

Chapel Hill

St Michael Corkery

St Augustine

St Rita

Corpus Christi (Glebe)

Holy Family

St Thomas More








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