#OCSB Students as “Change Agents” . #ottnews

Michael Fullan is one of four key education advisors to Premier Wynne.

Dr. Campbell Dr. Jean Clinton, Dr. Michael Fullan and Dr. Andy Hargreaves as the Premier’s key education advisors.

Fullan is part of the 3 amigos of Fullan, Hargreaves and Ben Levin (now disgraced and in prison). They did lots of work together. eg:


Fullan was Dean of Education at OISE: the Mordor of Education:




More and more education “leaders”, teachers and education bureaucrats discount the 3 Rs in favour of the non-testable and nebulous 6 “Cs”. They want to make “change agents” – ie Social Justice Warriors (SJWs – google it!) and Eco-Warriors.

Fullan Change Agents


What happens to these “change agents” when they go on to university? Listen to UO English Professor Janice Fiamengo. (Trust me, she is a rarity of common sense on campus)


Or these students who find academics getting in the way of protest work:



So, these grads go into the work force planning on being narcissistic “change agents” – meanwhile their employers complain of poor literacy and numeracy skills (ie. the3 Rs!)



Or this analysis by a notre dame prof

How a Generation Lost Its Common Culture



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