#OCSB Students, Low Standards and the CLT Exam. #ottnews

There is a new University Entrance Exam that competes with SAT and ACT – the Classic Learning Test
Try the practice exam (or get your teenager to try it). It involves reading comprehension of a CS Lewis piece etc.
Given the standards at the OCSB (and throughout Ontario), this blog wonders how OCSB students would do on the CLT
OCSB Example 1: High school english students  using maquettes to do a “Hamlet in the Hood” scene:
Example 2: Grade 7/8s proud to make it through first round of spelling bee by spelling N-E-A-T
 Example 3: Grade 3 blogging (and their atrocious spelling and sentence structure)
67s school day Spelling Bee
Blog 2
This blog advocates for a return to curriculum like Core Knowledge:
CK Grade 8 English: Animal Farm and Dostoyevski
CK Grade 8 English

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