#OCSB pitiful education standards #ottnews

Very sad to see OCSB seems to be more worried about teaching tweeting and blogging to young children as opposed to Reading and Writing. Unlike the OCSB, this blog believes that being able to write a coherent sentence is a 21st century skill. Apple founder Steve Jobs agrees – he wouldn’t allow his children to use IPads at home or school!

Below is Grade 3 class blog and at the bottom is an example of a fantastic 3rd grade curriculum (Core Knowledge). What a difference!

Taxpayers are paying over $13K/yr/student for this education. Is is a good use of money?

Catholic education is about educating the “whole person”. Is this educating the whole person?



ciampa Grade 3 OCSB blogs


Blog 1

Blog 2

Blog 5

Blog 3Blog 6


In contrast, this is what a good Grade 3 program looks like (page 79-85)


Core Knowledge Grade 3









2 thoughts on “#OCSB pitiful education standards #ottnews”

  1. Wow! I knew things were bad; but this is worse than I thought. I’m convinced that this inability to read and write by the younger generation is what lies at the root of current difficulties in our country … with the state of our hospitals … with the many layers of government bureaucracies and our Law Courts, that ALL MUST RELY on CLEARLY written documentation and well-founded and clearly expressed laws. Almost everything today seems to be expressed in acronyms or “#” (hashtag). And the vague generalities of the “New-speak” spoken by our new PM is NOT helping matters! God help us! The future is looking dim.


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