#OCSB and Murder. #ottnews #ottschools

  1. This student was charged in 2013. Note how his All Saints classmate NEVER contacted police when he confessed her:


2) St Peter’s student Chris Gobin was found guilty last year for a 2014 murder of his mom. He was not found not guilty because of insanity. He was guilty and sentenced to 12 years:


He kept to himself and mostly stayed alone in his bedroom playing video games.

“Instead, he texted a neighbour to buy marijuana, which he smoked next door around 11 a.m.”

3) Devontay Hackett, a St Pius student, is to stand trial for the murder of St Patrick’s High student at an after-prom party in 2014:



The public OCDSB board has about twice as many students (>70,000) and has had no murder charges against its students in the last 5 years. In fact, we cannot find the last murder charge.

Are three murder charges from 37,000 students a statistical anomaly or is there something fundamentally wrong?

Certainly, tweets from OCSB students are upsetting:



Something to ponder and keep and eye on.



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