#OCSB St Pat’s SPH March Break Debauchery #ottnews

One would think that St Patrick’s is amazing CATHOLIC school after reading this:


However, a bit of digging on SPH students’ social media shows a very different story.


This grad trip during March break looks dangerous for students – spiritually and physically (STIs, drinking to unconsciousness, etc)


Here’s a similar trip by S-Trip

“We just returned from Varadero and stayed at the Hotel Puntarena. On our last two days a group of 55 high school students arrived ages..16/17. They were touring with S-Trip and had a couple of chaperones that were in their 20’s. I was embarrassed to know they represented our Canadian youth. The chaperones watched as they got totally hammered with alcohol and encouraged it with shooters and even filmed it. The disco had to be shut down because they were all throwing up on the dance floor, many were making out on lobby couches and in the halls.”


I’ve been to a resort in ***** Cana while an S-Trip group was there and was absolutely disgusted with what I witnessed throughout the week! A bunch of drunk teenagers, completely plastered day and night, no respect for anyone around them, MULTIPLE people throwing up and getting carried back to their rooms, making out in public, more curse words than I’ve ever heard in public and not an adult in sight. Their supervision consists of a bunch of university students only going for the free trip they receive from S-Trip and don’t give a sh*t what goes on



These videos are filled with debauchery, twerking, semi-nudity, girl-girl kissing etc etc. So much for Theology of the Body


So much for 12 years of “catholic” education and $150K spent by taxpayers.


St Pat's S-Trip


A video from a St Pius X (Ottawa school) in 2013. Girl strip dancing at 2:30min in front of crowd and S-Trip staff.



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