Radical environmentalist group coming to #OCSB #ottnews

Radical JellyFish project coming to Assumption Elementary school. Pipleline protester Corinna Keeling will be singing.

This radical group is backed by pro-aborts/pro-population control groups like 350.org and the David Suzuki Foundation

Children will go home and tell parents that they need to divest of any oil company shares. That is the radical message of  Fossil Free Canada
Meanwhile, the very rich teachers pension plan (OTPP) is NOT divesting at all. So, the teachers at Assumption can retire on their $60K/yr pensions. Or will they renounce their pensions and not be hypocrites?
Of course, Assumption is proud that gender-bending Hot 89.9 is planning on being there at JellyFish day (Jan 20)
Both 350.org and Suzuki (5 kids himself) are big into population control because that is what “sustainable development” and environmentalism are all about:

So, more OCSB elementary children will be indoctrinated (by  music and talks) into the ways of 350.org and the David Suzuki Foundation. More contraception, more abortion, more “family planning”.

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