#OCSB Whiteness lecture: Douchebag is a good racial slur

How is this course at Holy Trinity Kanata permeated with the Catholic faith and Christian piety?


“Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are both douchebags, which is part of why they lost. Joe Biden and Bill de Blasio are not douchebags, which is part of why they won.”
Douchebag    Pearson Douchebag
Pope Pius XI, in the great encyclical Christian Education of Youth, wrote of the need for religion to permeate the whole of the learning enterprise: “…it is necessary that all the teaching and the whole organization of the school, its teachers, syllabus and textbooks of every kind, be regulated by the Christian spirit, under the direction and maternal supervision of the Church; so that religion may be in very truth the foundation and the crown of youth’s entire training….” Obviously, every facet of education must be permeated with our Catholic Faith. – See more at: http://www.setonhome.org/2311/the-importance-of-catholic-materials/#sthash.BmLZpPl7.dpuf
“To use the words of [Pope] Leo XIII: ‘It is necessary not only that religious instruction be given to the young at certain fixed times, but also that every other subject taught be permeated with Christian piety. If this be lacking, if this sacred atmosphere does not pervade and warm the hearts of masters and scholars alike, little good can be expected from any kind of learning, and considerable harm will often be the consequence.’”
Pearson Birth Control

Loving a ad with 2 gay men sleeping together and raising a child (depriving it of the right to a mother)

Pearson IKEA Gay ad




How is this textbook even REMOTELY Catholic? (see page 409)

Click to access social_sci-076257-file8of8.pdf

social_sci-076257-file8of8 Textbook PDF  (PDF of textbok

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