Disturbing tweets from #OCSB students

The #OCSB likes to brag about its Samaritans on the Digital Road. However, even a quick perusal of the twitter feeds of OCSB students shows disturbing tweets






Ahmed is not the exception. Many of the tweets from students at St Patrick’s (SPH), Pius and St FX are quite disturbing – other schools too


Ahmed2 Ahmed 1


Remember that Brandon Volpi (a St Pat’s student) was allegedly killed by a Pius student 2 years ago at an after prom party (100% unrelated to Ahmed above)


How safe are OCSB students spiritually and physically and mentally in an environment where the social media feeds lool toxic?


3 thoughts on “Disturbing tweets from #OCSB students”

  1. With regards to one of the links to a “Grad Trip S-Trip” twitter page, I finished high school two years ago and I know what S-Trip is. It’s a student trip usually to Cuba, and in reality, is a fornication fest. Students like the trip because they get to escape from their homes and do whatever they want, and it typically involves having sexual relations with several people. Very unfortunate. Proof that our schools are failing in conveying the message of chastity.


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