Followup: How #Catholic are #OCSB Elem Schools? #ottnews

Followup on How Catholic are OCSB Elementary Schools?

Last year, we wrote about how the #OCSB pushes for non-Catholic students (eg. Saudi Wahabbi Muslim) to get into their elementary schools: 

Since the OCSB refuses to keep any statistics, they cannot even say whether a majority of its new kindergarten students are Catholic or even Christian! They just take the per student funding of approx $12K/yr

This year, the OCSB has changed their website. Even though there are theoretical waiting lists for non-Catholic students. they proudly announce that there is currently space available for non-Catholic students at ALL their schools.

So c’mon over, no waiting, no delays, we want you and your kids, even if you think the bible is hate speech! That $12K/year/child comes in mighty handy paying for conferences at 1000 Island resorts and contraception for teachers! 😉

US Catholic schools make parents sign an MOU:

OCSB Space Availability
OCSB Space Availability

Remember this when you see all the Kindergarten registration week ads over the next few weeks






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