#OCSB Holy Trinity and Euthanasia. Arsenic and Old Lace #ottnews

The Holy Trinity play will only increase support for euthanasia. Already, the associate director is calling murder “mercy killing” and judging actions based only on “good intentions”

We wonder how many more catholic students will support euthanasia after seeing this play. What next – a comedy on abortion?

What will the OCSB do to correct the implicit teaching of this play and to make sure all students deeply understand why euthanasia and “mercy killing” is MURDER and a great sin against God?


“But don’t be too hard on them – they are doing their best to do what’s right, said associate director and Grade 12 student Carl Cachero.“We have two old ladies and they feel bad for these old men who come to rent a room because they are lonely and they are old and they have no family, so as a mercy killing, they would poison them with some arsenic as a kind gesture, in their opinion,” said Cachero.

“They have good intentions.”


We don’t like NCR, but this article shows why something that was funny in the 1940s is no longer funny because of government support for euthanasia and killng old people.



From this website:


Arsenic and Old Lace has all the charm one could possibly expect from a movie that ends with two serial killers’ age-prejudiced euthanasia being successfully covered up by their dashing, young (positively-portrayed) relative who’s spent the entire plot racing against both time and an ethical justice system to frame his innocent younger brother for eleven murders. Arsenic and Old Lace is a surprisingly blatant, ultimately sick perversion of right and wrong, with just enough quaint moments and memorable one-liners

The one and only draw that Arsenic and Old Lace has as a movie is its attempt at humor, and Arsenic and Old Lace is the moral equivalent of a comedy movie about an abortion clinic or the death of Terri Schiavo.

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