Types of Priests welcome at #OCSB Schools

We have written before about St Basil’s parish and how they are defacto Anglican with their heterodox views.




Priests are required to wear clerical dress. Yes, even after “Vatican II”:



But here we have an #OCSB school welcoming “Father Dan” (in a open dress shirt and slacks) nd from St Basil’s parish. What is this teaching the children??


[Pictures deleted as OCSB mistakenly tweeted it and a parent did not want a pic of their child on social media]



This is the OCSB Board chaplain (who always wears a business suit to Board meetings:

OCSB Board Chaplain No Clericals Ever




The types of priest MUCH less welcome at OCSB schools:





roman collar

I have heard from numerous priests who have been made to feel unwelcome in Catholic schools (except as a Sacrament factory to show up and do a quick mass with no/minimal direct interaction with the children (or to be “escorted” closely by the school “chaplain”




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