Shocking News: Cardinal Collins told PCs to “back off” on sex ed fight

As we have said before, Sex ed is only a tiny part of the problem at Ontario “catholic” schools. Bigger problems are the OECTA teachers union and the cross curricular EIE (equity and inclusive education) curriculum.

That being said, we have constantly wondered why the 2015 Wynne sex program (even worse than the 2010 McGuinty program) was accepted to readily by Cardinal Collins in 2015 (in opposition to what Archbishop Prendergast said in Feb 2015) and the opposite of what he did in 2010.

Cardinal Collins went so far as to call the PC House Leader, Jim Wilson, to a diner at 730am and tell him this:

“We [Catholic hierarchy] don’t want to make a big issue of it, so can you guys [PC Party] back off”



Why is the Cardinal Collins selling out the children? Exhaustion from losing Bill 13 fight? Desperate attempt to keep govt funding for pseudo-catholic schools?

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In other news,

More HPE materials are now out to the school boards – no sign of it on the ICE website so people can analyze. Why the hiding? Are there cracks in the “through the Catholic lens” propaganda by ICE and ACBO and Cathy Horgan and Roger Lawler?


Sex Ed - Educators Toolkit HPE ICE

This the promise ICE gave about materials being online. Perhaps, they are waiting for Dec 24th??

PDF of ICE June 1 Update: June-1-2015-Update ICE

ICE Online


Edit: This was the Lifesite’s later take on the srory:







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