St Basil’s Ottawa is de facto Anglican. and #OCSB loves St Basil’s

The OCSB has close ties with St Joe’s in Ottawa. The OCSB choirs also have close ties to St Basil’s. We always wondered why the close ties with St Basil’s. Now we know. It is defacto anglican! Their synod report is identical to what an anglican community would issue

OCSB Concert St Basil's

Archive_Family_Synod_Discussions_Report  <– PDF

  • indissolubility of marriage is “too rigid”
  • supports women priests
  • supports birth control
  • pro-homosexual acts
  • some sort of “middle ground” in abortion.

What sort of middle ground  is there for abortion? First 20 weeks only?? Cannot be gender specific? What?


This is their 2013 document for Part 1 of the Synod:


Marion Dewar, former Mayor, St Basil’s Extraordinary Eucharist minister and speaker at heretical Womens Ordination Worldwide conference in Ottawa:

Now we know a reason why the organist is:

Be very wary of the Ottawa Anglican School Board (aka OCSB)


Perhaps, the Church should deal with St Basil’s like this:

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