How the #OCSB could have saved $70K and used it on needy children

Instead of spending $70K at CCDAY for an expensive rah-rah session at the Shaw Centre (to be let out very early on the Friday aft of a long Thanksgiving weekend), they could used this new PD resource to study GravissimumEducationis in their schools. This is the 50th anniversary of GE.

Gravissimum Educationis Inservice <–PDF

Many of the questions would be painful for OCSB staff to truthfully answer:
• How do we teach our students to judge rightly? How in tune are their values with the values of the Catholic Church? when Catholic values conflict with elements of the modern culture on issues of life, human sexuality and marriage? when Catholic values conflict with our modern culture in areas of social justice and human dignity? How can we teach these values better?

How do we transmit the best of our Catholic cultural heritage and legacy? Do all subjects, especially literature, history, art, music, and extracurricular programs, expose students to the best in Catholic thought and to all that is true, good & beautiful?

•How aware are our students of the elements of the Catholic faith? How deeply and sincerely do our students hold and practice the truths of the Catholic faith in all of its fullness and as appropriate to their age? How well can they faithfully articulate the positions of the Catholic Church, especially on contemporary topics particularly relevant to them? How can we teach this better?

•How numerous, effective and vibrant are our retreats, devotions, opportunities for the sacrament of reconciliation, and other spiritual initiatives?
GSAs, Transgender sex ed, Wynne-Levin LGBT lesson, Secular history books, kum-ba-ya services, books like the Colour Purple, etc all FAIL in the Judgement of Vatican II.

Parents: pls take the time to read GE too and see if you are giving your children a truly Catholic education

PS: a bonus homily:


Are they mocking nuns

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