Proabort Trudeau We Day recap #OCSB #ottnews

1 Good coverage by Lifesite:

2) Looks like Justin and kardinalo (the WE Day MC is started the Trudeau chant) are buddies

KardinalO and Justin (4)

Does Trudeau support his misogynist lyrics and videos?

3) official OCSB accounts of teachers, principals and superintendents were blasting out pro-Justin tweets. Small sample:

Breath of Fresh Air
Breath of Fresh Air

SEAS2 Elix Ann Seton Trudeau Trudeau Frank Ryan Trudeau1


4) Students are supposed to EARN their seats by doing good works. How did the CarletonU Liberal club get tickets? Not the social justice club, the Liberal Party club. Can We Day be any more partisan? Don’t forget that Kileburger was a MAJOR financial backer of Justin’s leadership bid (he donated the max he could legally)


6) the “neutral” Ontario Catholic parents association (the one that sits with OECTA on the ICE Board, deciding sex ed info) LOVE Justin:

OAPCE Liberal

A very sad day for “catholic” education in Ottawa

Too bad the OCSB is ignoring the Kenyan Bishops about FTC, and also even Archbishop Prendergast, who talked about picking carefully speakers for catholic students. Justin does NOT give “authentic Catholic witness” as Archbishop Prendergast demanded of speakers:

Too bad that We Day promotes the pro-abort speech by Hermione Emma Watson in classrooms and in social media:

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