The incredible low standards at Ottawa schools #ocsb #ottnews

Thousands of Grade 7/8s went to a Ottawa 67s hockey game today.

During the 2nd intermission there was a spelling bee and the words were NEAT and QUIET. These are grade 1 words!

67s school day Spelling Bee

But I guess they can all celebrate the Sunny Days and Sunny Ways of pro-abort, pro-euthanasia, pro-gay-marriage Justin

Ten months after his father’s funeral, Trudeau headlined at the 2001 lead-up to World Youth Day, where the Vancouver-based high school teacher urged the youth to reject “old men with old ideas.”

Thereafter Trudeau popped up at countless Catholic events including numerous appearances at Catholic schools. Lay Catholic lawyer Geoff Cauchi said it was nothing short of “scandalous, that for years Catholic schools would invite him in to give talks” and to “encourage Catholic students to ignore their faith.”

Moreover, the Ottawa Citizen revealed in 2013 that five Catholic school boards, OECTA and the Ontario Catholic Trustees Association had paid the rising political star a total of $82,500 for speaking engagements between 2006 and 2010.”


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