Orange and Black Day at #OCSB . Does faith permeate #OECTA schools?



First, a VERY important article by author Michael O’Brien on Protecting your family from the Culture of Death:

“Finally, stand firm. Be willing to be misunderstood. Be willing to be considered fanatic, paranoid, and obsessive-compulsive. But always stand firm, with love—calm, unshakeable love—with an iron core of determination. No defensiveness, no hardness of face or heart. Just be unbudgeable. “


The following is an example of a school where faith PERMEATES the entire school as per


In contrast, OCSB celebrates “Orange and Black Day”

OCSB Black and Orange

and how does the secular OCDSB celebrate this Friday?? Why it’s also Orange and Black Day! No difference!

OCDSB Black and Orange Day


These are some pictures from past All Saints’ Eve at OCSB:

halloween1 halloween2 witches walking


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