#OCSB insults taxpayers with Liz Scandals Photo-op . #ottnews

Last week, the Globe broke the story of the Liberals paying off the teachers unions in order to get deals signed before the federal election.



“The OSSTF spent $385,000 during the 2014 provincial election as part of a union campaign against the Progressive Conservatives. The OECTA spent $2.1-million. Both unions backed Working Families, a Liberal-supporting union coalition that through several electoral cycles has run attack ads against the provincial Tories. This was not the first election where the unions spent big to back a side. It probably won’t be the last.”

Sadly, the Globe sat on this story for an extra day or 2 to help Justin:


Sadly. the money for the union “costs” came from programs for needy students. It is still unclear where the money came from for the “net zero” bonuses and raises for teachers. Special needs?

At the same time, the Liberals are unilaterally cutting doctors’ fees and refusing to go to binding arbitration. Doctors – the ones that work evenings and nights and weekends and Christmas and Easter and March break. As well, CHEO has had to lay of nurses.

So, three days after this scandalous union payoff is allowed to announced, the OCSB proudly hosts Liz Scandals and does photo-ops with her!

Liz Scandals and OCSB Liz Scandals at Holy Family on Friday

Why introduce children to pro-abort, pro-union-payoff politicians!!?

Perhaps, the Director of Ed should pay more attention to getting TEXTBOOKS for all children??!!!!



Meanwhile, an OCSB teacher (and probably many others) showed her joy to students on the win of pro-abort Justin. These are not Sunny Ways or Sunny Days for people who are pro-life!

Sunnyways Trudeau OCSB
“Sunny ways” Trudeau OCSB

Too bad, the children never heard the homily by Fr Yves Marchildon of nearby Annunciation parish:


Here’s another teacher who is probably happy??:

St Thomas More teacher and Justin

.. and this VP?

Trudeau cool


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