How much does #OCSB respect parental rights? #ottnews #wfmp2015 #ocsblove

The whole “sex ed” exemption thing is a rather minor point and is not an effective strategy for parents. The overall EIE programme (no exemptions) is much bigger and much more serious. For example., gay “graphics novels” in Grade 6, sexually explicit lesbian novels in high school (Colour Purple), activist GSA presentations at assemblies, etc etc. etc This has all been documented in other posts in this blog by our Association. Even if you could exempt your child from EIE, your child would be missing English, Math, social sciences etc etc. EIE PERMEATES the curriculum!

This link shows an example of a school retreat that is not part of the sex ed in physed class:


Back to the sex ed exemption thing…. a friend of the CIA has given us some FOI info from the OCSB.

Early draft versions of answers to parents and for the website, information was included informing parents of their right to get their children out of sex ed classes (they children would learn what was taught an hour later in the schoolyard, but that is another tangent)

However, the OCSB explicitly decided that they don’t want to tell parents of their rights! It is like a police officer not informing you of your rights upon arrest or the government passing the Charter of Rights and not making any effort to tell anyone.

What kind of respect for parents is this?


Apparently telling parents their rights is “promoting” it – see below





Original Draft website with info about exemptions:

Original Website draft

What is on the website now:

Final Website

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