What does OPHEA believe about parental rights and consent in sex ed? #OCSB

We have been worried for a long time about OPHEA and their influence on “catholic” school boards. OPHEA has strong influence in the areas of sex ed and EIE.

OPHEA Pamphlet:




School board login to OPHEA Lesson plans (for OCSB, TCDSB, etc)



This blog post by Chris Markham is VERY insulting to faithful Catholic parents:


“Critics of this curriculum would like Ontario to adopt abstinence-only or value-based programs which are not only misguided but potentially damaging to young people’s health.”

“While critics have supported a campaign of misinformation about this curriculum….”

“…contraception methods, reproduction, sexual orientation..”

“The evidence is clear: abstinence-only programs do nothing to stop premarital sex or to equip students with the information they need to prevent pregnancy and STIs.”


This past week, OPHEA had a conference. Speakers included Liz Sandals, and Ken Jeffers of TDSB

Jeffers is a graduate of St FX University, but he is no friend to faithful Catholics. He was the one who proposed the addition of gender ID and gender expression to Bill 13.

Googling Ken Jeffers TDSB brings up his LGBT agenda:






While the above presentation has some concerning inferences, this blog will reserve judgment until we see a copy of this presention (if it is not kept secret).

However, following tweet by a person in the audience (retweeted by OPHEA) is VERY concerning. Does OPHEA believe that parents’ consent is not needed for children to participate in sex ed classes?? There are no parental rights, just the individual rights of children? No religious rights? No denominational rights?


OPHEA and NO Parental Consent

Apparently, parental CONSENT is not a priority for OPHEA?

Ironic given, they also had a seminar on consent:



Jer’s Vision (CCGSD) tweeting about Ken Jeffers presentation at OPHEA:

OPHEA Accepting Schools Jers Vision


“Catholic” school boards are VERY involved with OPHEA:

OPHEA Catholic

OPHEA Sex ed


Minister Sandals was at conference:

OPHEA and Minister Liz Scandals


Obligatory yoga sessions. Yoga is a big part of the PhysEd program at both catholic and Public school systems:


====OPHEA Yoga OPHEA Yoga2 OPHEA Yoga Cards



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