Yoga at #OCSB – Leading the children astray

We have talked before about the spiritual dangers of Yoga. It is not “just stretching”. If one is not careful, your freshman daughter at university will not be going to Mass and will be talking about yogic philosophy, getting her chakras aligned and going to yoga classes on Sunday mornings.

However, yoga is widespread in Ontario “catholic” schools. It is throughout the HPE Phy Ed program, it is via chaplains, it is via Grade 11 Yoga in the Chapel for the unit in “World Religions” on Hinduism.

You are your own Creator?


Read all the spirituality parts of this OISE essay from this Yoga teacher in the classroom:

A New Approach to Holistic Physical Education: Yoga in the Classroom

Rogers_Deborah_C_20116_MA_thesis  <– PDF

“Presently, in the spiritual realm, I see a glowing red dot between the centre of my eyes. I hear deep, somber and poetic chanting in my head and I feel my body turned 8 deeply in a direction where only breath can allow me to go further. I inhale positivity and exhale frustration. My mind is enlightened by the sight of my body doing something unfamiliar and unpredictable. This peaceful place of self -discovery is like the morning sun rising behind the mountains. As the rays of the sun, seep through the cracks of rock marking the beginning of a new day. I am open to the possibility of reaching “true happiness” and clarity of mind. My spirituality is now known to me through my yoga practice and no longer through the ancient prayers I once recited. My religion is familiar and important to me but lacks the personal connection that I so strongly desire. I am drawn to the part within myself that encompasses more of the world and not just my people and I see great purpose in this hopeful space. “



A VERY quick search finds all this yoga at Assumption, St Anthony’s, Convent Glen and St Elizabeth Ann Seton. We are certain there is much much more!

St Elizabeth Ann Seton McConville Yoga

Yoga assumption

St Anthony Yoga

Convent Glen Nov 2015 Yoga

“Volunteer Yoga Instructor/School Mentor : St. Isidore (Kanata), St. Gregory, St. Anthony, Our Lady of Victory and St. Mary.”

One thought on “Yoga at #OCSB – Leading the children astray”

  1. This is so pathetic and sad ! I had to call/send notes /and actually go to my daughters school to talk to the principal about yoga. I’ve explained the dangers to my children, they understand, proud of my daughter when she told her gym teacher “..I am Catholic not Hindu..I will not do yoga” so she had to sit by the office like a criminal..
    Unfortunately many, many ‘Catholics’ including some priests, see nothing wrong with yoga. If you listen retreats or read any books by Catholic Exorcist priests, they all will tell you that yoga is a grave spiritual danger. They have seen serious possessions as a result of yoga. The devil is not a fairy tale, neither are demons, the book of Genesis is very clear on that. Exposing oneself to an ‘spirituality/energy’ other than God, is a grave sin against the first commandment.
    Many yoga guru’s will testify to the fact that you cannot separate the exercise from the spirituality.
    Numerous Catholic churches hold yoga classes, I don’t know how pastors in those parishes who allow such blasphemy can face the Living Christ daily.


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