Spending of #OCSB 2015/2016 Budget


Ever wonder of what it costs to have a child in the Ontario government school system? It costs almost $12K/child or nearly $360K for a room of 30 children



82% of the OCSB budget is taken up by salaries and benefits (pensions, contraception for teachers etc). You can go to the sunshine list to see teachers and admin making over $100k/yr


Let’s now look at the “supplemental” spending

Given things like the $50K  spent on a Gananoque resort in 2013 ( http://www.ottawasun.com/2013/11/19/catholic-school-board-splurges-on-brass ) , it would be interesting to look at the 2015/16 budget and let the reader decide if this is good value for taxdollars.

A few highlights:
 1) The amount of conferences, professional development, supply teachers for teachers off at conferences, etc is across so many pages that is impossible to add up. The amounts are huge
2) the Christian Community Day is now up to $71,000 for a few hours of gathering (up from $65K). It even pays for supply teachers so teachers can go to choir practice
CCDay Choir
2) Is the Directors Conference at the Glen Resort in Gananoque again?
UPDATE: Looks like it. And the conference is TODAY
See this tweet from Principal McGuire from the 1000 Islands at 3pm today
PrincipalMcGuire Thousand Islands
OCSB Posen
3) The advertising and marketing budget is HUGE! You pay for all those banners, newspaper ads, web ads etc
 Budget CCD
Budget Conferences
budget advertising

Remember, for every extra child sent, the Board gains another $11K+of which to be “stewards”. Parents should reflect on this.


A teacher calls the Jim Richards show on 1010AM in Toronto and claims not to know that taxpayers pay her salary. Stunning.

Today at 3:25pm Jim took a call from a teacher who wrote an Op-Ed recently about the current teacher dispute.
soundcloud.com|By showgram

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