#OCSB and Sex Ed info on website

Remember the the in camera meeting that the school board did NOT have?? Our ally was told that Mardi deKemp (Manager of Comms for the whole board) misunderstood and was verbally corrected (hence no record of the correction can be found)

But now, the sex ed info is already on their website.. Not easily found… need to go through a pull down menu – very discreet.

It is basically verbatim from ICEOnt.

Here is a commentary on it 2 weeks ago:
 The website says lots of “nice” things:
“The Institute for Catholic Education (ICE) views the new curriculum as an opportunity for parents and teachers to talk to students about a distinctively Catholic view of human life, sexuality, marriage, and family.”
Students also review basic information about sexually transmitted infections, and they are introduced to the topic of family planning from the perspective of living in harmony with the gift of fertility”
It all sounds good, until you read the actual outlines and you see things like condoms, gay marriage, gender identity and gender expression etc
For example:
“C1.5 identify ways of preventing STIs, including HIV, and/or
unintended pregnancy, such as delaying first intercourse and other
sexual activities until a person is older and using condoms consistently
if and when a person becomes sexually active”
Also, don’t forget that this is just the ICE “commentary”. The actual curriculum from the Ministry that MUST be taught is actually worse.
PS: The EIE curriculum is across all classes – you might your child reading “Drama” by Raina Telgemeier in English or practising a same-sex lover’s spat in oral French (this real example is from another Board)
PPS: One hilarious line from the OCSB post is:
“Should you have concerns about the material being covered in class, the first step is to speak with your school principal. They know your child and are prepared to answer any questions you may have.”
Really? A principal with 300 children in his school KNOWS my child and know where she is developmentally and emotionally and spiritually? Sounds like the “co-parenting” line from the Waterloo board:
PPPS: There will be a presentation tomorrow to the Board on sex ed:
 The first line appears to talk about children from gay parents (ie “within the context they are living”). And goodness is in all familial relationships? Pope Francis has declared samesexmarriage” a diabolical effort of “the Father of Lies”!
Lots of  talk about equity and inclusivity – the usual “code words” for anti-Catholic positions.
And then the HUGE insult that parents CANNOT fulfill their parental responsibilities alone!
However the Church teaches this:
Given the delicacy and sensitivity of this particular kind of subject matter, the Church has constantly and consistently held that this kind of education in chastity is best done privately, in the heart of the family, as Vatican II taught.

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