Hot 899 Transgender and the #OCSB


Given that “Gender Identity” will be taught to Grade 3s (age 8), one needs to read up on these theories.

The blog has recently been reading an absoutely fascinating article:

We know that the local pop station Hot 899 is very popular in #OCSB (dances, a classroom calling themselves “Hot 899 “hotties”” etc)

The radio station has done gay marriages on the radio, paid for IVF, and now they are paying $40,000 for an attempted sex change (one cannot change your sex) for a winning contestant.

“Surgery can only create the appearance of the other sex. Dr George Burou, a Casablancan physician who has operated on over seven hundred American men, explained, “I don’t change men into women. I transform male genitals into genitals that have a female aspect. All the rest is in the patient’s mind.”

Hot899 present it as the “new normal”. It most certainly is NOT!

Will the OCSB continue to have Hot899 into schools? Will children then listen to Hot 899 and find yet more non-Catholic beliefs?? Parents: Wake up!

Remember what Archbishop Prendergast has said:

“Guests and partners must give an authentic Catholic witness that will inspire and encourage, not a counter-witness that will discourage and confuse,” he added. “No matter how great their achievements in politics, business, sports, science, or the arts, we should not invite to our schools as guest speakers, or give awards to, those who provide a counter-witness to the Gospel.”




Disclaimer: Needless to say, this blog advocates NO hatred towards those that have GID (gender identity dysphoria). They should be treated with love and respect and truth.

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