#OCSB and the “Inquisition”

Even the anti-Catholic BBC acknowledges that the stories about the Inquisition are 99% myth:



Yet, a very quick search finds books like “Fanatics” by William Bell. It is in the Library of OCSB school Frank Ryan (intermediate). Probably in other schools too.

http://ryalibrary.blogspot.ca/search/label/Spanish%20Inquisition (even the school librarian loved the book!)

Here is a review showing how the book pushes the myth of the Inquistion (and thereby helping to destroy the Catholic faith of innocent 12 year old readers!)


Bell’s parallel plots are fast moving, his characterization is sound, and the love between his two main characters is affecting. His articulation of the theme, however, is rather heavy handed. We’re fairly regularly bopped over the head with the notion that democracy suffers and intolerance thrives when small, exclusive groups of men press for adherence to a single religious truth and for the establishment of a theocracy. This was the case during the (Catholic Church’s) Inquisition and it’s the case now when Islamist adherents use terror and torture to make others toe their lines. Generally, the book is well done. Certainly, it’s highly respectful of young readers’ intelligence, based as it is on historical figures from the time of the Inquisition. An added note: Bell’s book works well without the (sometimes troublesome) language and graphic sexual scenes that are often seen in young adult texts. However, some of his ideas may still ruffle the feathers of fundamentalist readers…so the book is subversive in its own neat way–challenging younger readers with its more liberal ideas about religion, sexuality, feminism, and marriage/family life.


Parents: there are many books that should NOT be “catholic” schools. It reminds me of this:


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