Was the #OCSB “In Camera” Board meeting on SexEd legal?

A friend of the CIA did an FOI and forwarded it to us. Several of us in the CIA blog are on very tight budgets (eg. university tuition for kids), so we appreciate the work of our ally!

  1. The Board appears to moving full speed ahead with the ICE material for sex ed this year
  2. They continue to monitor “Conservative Catholics” (btw, there is no such thing, only orthodox Catholic and dissenting Catholic) and groups like “coalition of concerned parents” (a muslim dominated group in Toronto). Remember, taxpayers are paying the salary of this OCSB monitor.
  3. Most concerning is that there was a Closed “In Camera” Board meeting on Sept 8 on the topic of sex ed. One item for the meeting was the ICE material for inclusion on the OCSB website.

Whether or not, you support radical new sex ed, you should be concerned about the closed door meeting of the Board!

These are the ONLY reasons under the Education Act to have a closed door meeting:

Allowable reasons:

Click to access en_ch_7.pdf

• the security of the property of the board

• the disclosure of intimate, personal, or financial information about a member of the board or one of its committees, an employee or prospective employee of the board, or a pupil or his or her parent or guardian

• the acquisition or disposal of a school site

• negotiations with employees of the board

• litigation affecting the board. [s. 207(2)]

A school board must make all its decisions in public at a regular or special meeting of the board.

So, how does sex ed discussion even remotely fit under one of the above reasons?

Perhaps, sex ed has something to do the sale of a school?

As taxpayers and parents, we demand to know:

  • What was exactly discussed at the private sex ed meeting?
  • What decisions were made? We have not seen these decisions brought to the Open Board meeting for vote
  • How many other closed door Board meetings have occurred that were NOT for the allowable 5 reasons?
  • What will the provincial Ombudsman say?

The OCSB annual report always says this: “The production of this report supports our commitment to openness, transparency and accountability in the education system.”.

How are closed Board meetings on sex ed showing this commitment?

Please contact the media and your local trustee and demand the details of this meeting and their sex ed plans! What other boards are having closed Board meetings to get radical new sex ed into Ontario schools?

Please share!



UPDATE: Wed morning: In the interests of fairness: We report this new communication from OCSB:

“Further to your email below, the “sex ed for closed board meeting, Sept 8” referred to in the staff email of Aug 31st, was misunderstood by a staff member and was not intended for the Committee of the Whole.
There will be a report coming to the Regular Board on the Physical and Health Education Curriculum and the Family Life Curriculum in the near future. The Board Agenda is posted to the OCSB website on the Monday before each Board Meeting.”




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