Why is #OCSB /ACBO/ICE ignoring Vatican II and obeying Wynne?

We have written before about how the ICE “Fully Alive” sex ed program is bad for children. One Ontario bishop called it “child abuse”.

Fully Alive is about to get even worse with gender-bending, pro-gay-marriage and contraception push by the Ontario government (Wynne/Levin). Not even possible to have a “Catholic lens” on it.

Here is an interesting article on it:


Why is Roger Lawler and the ACBO Bishops (and ICE) disobeying the following Vatican document:? Please note the Wynne/Levin are perversely designed for Grade 3 onwards (not Grade 5.. that is “old hat”)


In 1995, the Pontifical Council for the Family issued The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality: Guidelines for Education within the Family (TMHS), a document meant to guide Catholic families in the proper way to form their children in this area. The late Kenneth Whitehead, a Catholic author and former assistant secretary of education in the Reagan administration, summarized the document:

Given the delicacy and sensitivity of this particular kind of subject matter, the Church has constantly and consistently held that this kind of education in chastity is best done privately, in the heart of the family, as Vatican II taught. This should take into strict account the individual stage of development of each child thus being educated — TMHS has a long, scientifically accurate, and very useful section on Children’s Principal Stages of Development, which, among other things, reaffirms the importance of the child’s latency period (although it does not use this particular term). The latency period, of course, is the time in the young person’s development when the explicit information about the facts of life should precisely not be given — although most modern school programs are specifically and perversely designed to give it at this very time (usually the fifth grade) in order to break down the child’s natural defenses.


Parents: Wake up and save your childrens’ souls (and your own too!)). Opt out is NOT an option. The EIE curriculum is spread across the year and the day.

Equity across ALL curriculum

no opt out

PEACE Ontario is now collecting stories of various things being taught THIS week.

Here is one from a school board:


French Class: Talking about ‘amour”. Grade 7 boy had an ‘improv warm up’ where they picked same sex partners and were to pretend having a ‘lovers quarrel’.


How will this new curriculum impact what is taught in Catholic schools?

2015: Liz Sandals: The curriculum is the same in public schools and Catholic schools—this is the Ontario curriculum. In the case of the Catholic schools, they also do a lot of curriculum development through an organization called ICE, which is the Institute for Catholic Education, and that’s the Catholic teachers, the Catholic principals, the Catholic directors—it’s all the stakeholders in the Catholic education system. The Bishops are represented there too. So we work with ICE on the development of their curriculum. They will make some components of the curriculum part of their family life course.

In terms of (what) your parents would want to know, the Catholic trustees, the Catholic teachers, the Catholic principals, the Catholic directors have all been quite supportive of the curriculum.


Liz Sandals has also said this:

 2015: ” that while the Catholic school system will be able to provide “commentary” on the government-mandated sex-ed through its own family life program, it won’t be allowed to change anything and must “deliver” the sex-ed as written.”

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