Imagine if the #OCSB had an MOU for parents?

There are no state-run (ie. Wynne-driven) Catholic schools in the USA. There are over 2million children in parochial schools (private from the government) in the US.

This is an example of the MOU for parents from Philadelphia CATHOLIC schools.


Catholics in the USA take these papal quotes SERIOUSLY:

Why not Canadians?


PS: What percentage of Gay Pride marching OECTA teachers would be willing to sign a morality clause like this one from Ohio??

The Teacher-Minister understands that actions and speech that are contrary to Catholic teaching shall be grounds for disciplinary action up to and including termination. The following, although in no way an exclusive list, represents by way of example certain speech or actions that are considered to be contrary to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church:

a) Public support of positions contrary to Roman Catholic Church teaching (including, but not limited to, publically supporting abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, embryonic stem cell research, in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination, surrogate parenthood, direct sterilization, or so-called homosexual or same-sex marriage or unions).

b) Procuring or assisting another in procuring an abortion.

c) Making use of or participating in artificial insemination, in-vitro fertilization, or surrogate parenthood.

d) Preparing for or engaging in a same-sex marriage or union.

3) Engaging in or publicly supporting sexual relations outside of marriage (which shall be understood for purposes of this Agreement as being the marriage between one man and one woman).

f) Living with another as husband or wife without the benefit of a marriage recognized  as valid by the Roman Catholic Church or co-habitating outside of marriage.

g) Engaging in or supporting transvestitism, transgenderism, or sex reassignment.

h) Membership in any organization that is anti-Catholic or whose philosophy is in any way contrary to the ethical or moral teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

i) Indecent or lewd behavior (including, but not limited to, the unlawful use of drugs, substance abuse, or use of pornography).

j) Serious dishonesty.

k) Entering into a marriage with a person when one of the parties to the marriage is validly married to another person in the eyes of the Roman Catholic Church (e.g., entering into a marriage if one of the parties has entered into marriage previously and has not received an annulment  from the Roman Catholic Church).

l) Use of social media or electronic means of communication (e.g., email and texting) in an improper, immoral, or scandalous manner (including, but not limited to, use of social media or electronic means to communicate, post, share, or send material that is lewd, indecent, sexually suggestive, or pornographic).

m) Any other actions or speech that are considered by the Roman Catholic Church to be immoral or evil or which might cause scandal, as such term is understood by the Roman Catholic Church (i.e., an attitude or behavior which leads or tempts another to do that which the Roman Catholic Church considers evil or immoral).

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