Sex Ed Propaganda Pamphlet from ICE. #OCSB

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Before we look at this new pamphlet, it must be remembered that the HPE Health curriculum is just a small part of the gender-bending “equity and inclusive’ curriculum that is going ALL across the curriculum. This leads to things like boys using girls changerooms, lesbian stories in English class etc etc etc.

Equity across ALL curriculum

The ICE pamphlet itself does a few things:

  1. Brags about the previous “Fully Alive” program and says the new sex ed will be incorporated into it.

In fact, Fully Alive is ALREADY a disaster!

In fact, an Ontario Bishop called Fully Alive “child abuse” (and that was a “better” version a few years ago!)

“A summary of the matters discussed at the Grade 7 level makes clear how this sex education course descends to the level of child abuse”

2. The pamphlet uses many “calls to authority” (ie. “trust us, we are the experts and know what we are doing”)

In fact, ICE is controlled by folks like OAPCE, Gay Pride marching OECTA and ACBO folks like Roger Lawler (you can read lots about his Liberal party ways on Lifesitenews and this CIA blog)

The new sex ed coordinator, Cathy Horgan, is also Chair of Governors for St Jerome’s University (home of the infamous SMF sex program)

There are also numerous appeals to authority by using the name of ACBO (Roger Lawler’s team). In fact, Archbishop Prendergast has STRONGLY criticized the curriculum!

and we know Education Minister Liz Sandals has also said this:

2015: ” that while the Catholic school system will be able to provide “commentary” on the government-mandated sex-ed through its own family life program, it won’t be allowed to change anything and must “deliver” the sex-ed as written.”

ICE’s work (paid for by the government) is nothing more than a little commentary around the edges.

The pamphlets say this: “In Catholic schools, Ontario’s new
HPE curriculum is an opportunity for parents and teachers to talk to students about a distinctively Catholic view of human life,sexuality, marriage, and family.”

Nope! the sex curriculum must be delivered AS WRITTEN according the government of Pharaoh Wynne. He who pays the piper, chooses the tune.

3. The pamphlet itself.

It cherry-picks non-controversial topics (like Grade 7 C1.3), but leaves out how they will address “through a Catholic lens” topics like Grade  8 C.1.5 and C2.4 – gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, condoms, contraception.



Please do not fall into the traps of this pamphlet. ICE’s mellifluous words cannot hide the terrible harms that can come from the new HPE curriculum and the overall EIE (equity and inclusive education) across the entire school day’s curriculum

More resources:

Dr Miriam Grossman:

From CLC:

Impact on Catholic religious schools

The curriculum document encourages the use of condoms and artificial birth control to prevent pregnancy and STDs, something that is totally incompatible with the Catholic school system. Yet our Liberal Premier says Catholics are expected to teach it nonetheless.  The 2015 curriculum adds a brand new reference to “reproductive health”, which is a known euphemism that public health authorities and Planned Parenthood use to mean abortion.

The Minister of Education and Premier Wynne have made it clear that the Catholic school system, like the secular public system, must  implement this curriculum without exception.  It is unclear how Catholic schools can implement teaching on birth control, abortion, the idea that being male or female is a social construct, gender expression, and the 6-gender theory, even if retrofitted with a “Catholic lens”. Catholic moral teaching forbids abortion and the use of artificial contraception as grave evils. The theory of gender identity, gender expression and the idea that there are more genders than just male and female directly contradict Christian anthropology of the human person.  

Faithful Catholic observers find it hard to believe that the Institute for Catholic Education (ICE), which is tasked with retrofitting a “Catholic lens” onto these problematic teachings, will be able to accomplish such a feat since these ideas are fundamentally incompatible with Catholicism. That doubt is heightened by the knowledge that the board of ICE includes two member from OECTA, the same “catholic” teachers union which marched in the homosexual pride parade this past summer.  OECTA is also fully in support of the gay pride clubs known as GSAs being in Catholic schools.

6 thoughts on “Sex Ed Propaganda Pamphlet from ICE. #OCSB”

  1. If it is possible to present “reproductive health”, artificial birth control, homosexual acts and lifestyle, and academically invented genders, among other items in complete contradiction to the bible, the Catholic faith and teachings through a “retrofitted catholic lens” in Catholic schools then Wynne should demonstrate how by giving a speech in support of pro-life, heterosexual-only marriage, natural family planning, theology of the body sex, the fundamental binary genders of male and female only, and so on in the legislature through a “liberal party lens.”


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