More on #OCSB Mother Church – St Joseph’s

More on what many consider the “Mother Church” of the Ottawa Catholic school board – St Joe’s Ottawa..

On top of the gay marriage push in “Reflections” read during mass at St Joe, many of the other homilies/reflections have very questionable theology


The following reflection explicity rejects Original Sin and denies monogenism (Adam/Eve) .. very “Matthew Fox-ish” or Richard Rohr-ish

St Joe’s Reflection:

“Lent was a season of lament and repentance based on a particular understanding of what it means to be human. Since the 11th century most of Christianity has understood the human condition as that of those who have fallen from grace. But we live in a post-modern world. We no longer believe that Adam and Eve were the first humans. We read Genesis not as history but as myth. We understand that humans evolved over millions of years. There was no perfect human condition for us to fall from.

What happens when we reject the theological construct of original sin? What happens when we embrace the idea that we are fiercely and wonderfully made? What happens when we see humanity as originally blessed?”


Last Sunday’s “reflection” in Mass on John 6 and the Eucharist relied on a liberal Church of Scotland Protestant professor who rejects the Deity of Christ etc (William Barclay). Barclay also questions the Virgin Birth, miracles etc etc

“One theory is that when John spoke of the flesh he was speaking of the complete humanity of Jesus –that in Jesus we see God taking human life. Barclay says ‘it is as if Jesus said: “Feed your heart, feed your mind, feed your soul – [all] on the thought of my humanity.”

Pretty fluffy stuff that turns people away from the REAL PRESENCE and transubstantiation. No surpise that many teachers and principals IF they attend mass, attend mass here

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