#OCSB Parents: Consider these Papal quotes and honestly answer these questions

Leo XIII: ‘It is necessary not only that religious instruction be given to the young at certain fixed times, but also that every other subject taught be permeated with Christian piety. If this be lacking, if this sacred atmosphere does not pervade and warm the hearts of masters and scholars alike, little good can be expected from any kind of learning, and considerable harm will often be the consequence.’
Is every subject in your child’s school permeated with Christian piety? If not, considerable harm will often be the consequence.
Pius XI: “It is necessary that all the teaching and the whole organization of the school, its teachers, syllabus and textbooks of every kind, be regulated by the Christian spirit, under the direction and maternal supervision of the Church; so that religion may be in very truth the foundation and the crown of youth’s entire training….”
Is your child’s school under the maternal supervision of the Church or the Government?
Leo XIII: “By nature parents have a right to the training of their children, but with this added duty that the education and instruction of the child be in accord with the end for which by God’s blessing it was begotten. Therefore. it is the duty of parents to make every effort to prevent any invasion of their rights in this matter, and to make absolutely sure that the education of their children remains under their own control in keeping with their Christian duty, and above all to refuse to send them to those schools in which there is danger of imbibing the deadly poison of impiety.”
Is the deadly poison of impiety in your child’s school? Are you absolutely sure that the education of your children remains under your control?
John Paul II: If ideologies opposed to the Christian faith are taught in the schools, the family must join with other families, if possible through family associations, and with all its strength and with wisdom help the young not to depart from the faith. In this case the family needs special assistance from pastors of souls, who must never forget that parents have the inviolable right to entrust their children to the ecclesial community.
Are ideologies opposed to the Christian faith taught in your child’s school?
Now, prayerfully consider what you are going to do.
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3 thoughts on “#OCSB Parents: Consider these Papal quotes and honestly answer these questions”

  1. We have already decided on homeschooling, for good. The schools today are an immoral traps spiraling downwards, leading our children into the abyss of hell. There are the odd 1 maybe 2 good teachers in any given school. That is surely not enough, we will not risk our children’s souls and send them school. Find yourself a good Catholic homeschooling curriculum parents, save your children from the snares of the devil. Our first duty as parents, as Catholic parents is to give our children a good, moral, faithful Catholic upbringing, it takes sacrifice, but that is what we as parents promised as they were being baptized. It does nothing for their well-being, for the well-being of their soul what type of newest gadget or iphone they have or how many ‘friends’ they have.

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