Catholic Chaplains and Dissident Speakers. #OCSB

"Sister" Grammick and Dr Nelson-Johnson
“Sister” Grammick and Dr Nelson-Johnson
The Catholic “Chaplains” in Ontario Schools (CSCO) is having a conference in January. Of course, they pick a speaker that also speaks at conferences with dissidents like “Call to Action” and New Ways Ministry.

New Ways Ministry banned:

“Sister” Jeannine Gramick:


Just google “”terry-nelson johnson” lgbt. Looks like he is popular in the Diocese of London. Sad.

With CSCO conferences like this, it is easy to see why OCSB “chaplains” are involved in pushing things like LGBT cakes, radical GSAs like “SPK Love is Louder” etc


Dr Terry Nelson-Johnson CSCO


‘Here In Faith: Creating a Welcoming Catholic Community Through Prayer and Story’—sponsored by Call to Action, a national Catholic social justice organization, with New Ways Ministry and Dignity Chicago—seeks to motivate LGBT Catholics and their allies to be more active in the eyes of the Church.

The participants were able to choose to attend one of four small group lectures led by Dianne Costanzo, Sr. Jeannine Gramick, Terry Nelson-Johnson and Gloria Woods.

Nelson-Johnson, the director of Faith Formation at Old St. Patrick’s Church led a small group discussion about celebrating the gift of sexuality as a religious sacrament.


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