#OCSB . Pope Francis condemns “ideological colonization” (eg Ontario Sex ed) in schools

First, let’s review what the Pope means by “ideological colonization”. He has used it several times over the last year and he always means LGBTQ agenda and “gender theory”

Here is but one example: In the Phillipines:


“The Pope referred to the imposition of foreign ideas into a culture as “ideological colonization,” adding that it is sometimes tied to financial assistance.

“I’ll give just one example that I saw myself,” he said to journalists on the flight. He recounted the case of a public service officer who sought loans in order to be able to build schools for the poor two decades ago.

She received the money, he said, on the condition that she insert a “well prepared” book into the curriculum to teach gender theory.”

Also this: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/pope-francis-condemns-gender-theory-a-third-time-the-family-is-under-attack

Now, the Pope again condemns ideological colonization and sex ed in the school system in Rome:


Pope Francis: “Our city is in need of this rebirth. And this commitment is all the more important when we speak of the education of kids and young people, who begin to hear these strange ideas, these ideological colonizations that poison the soul and the family: one must act against this. Two weeks ago a person, a very Catholic, good, young man said to me that his kids were in first and second grade and that in the evening he and his wife so often had to “re-catechize” the children, the kids because of what they reported about some of the teachers in the school or because of what the books said that were given there — these ideological colonizations, that do so much harm and destroy a society, a country, a family. Therefore we are in need of a true and proper moral and spiritual rebirth.”


What the school system is doing in Rome, is what the catholic system proposes to do in Ontario. The Ontario curriculum is full of ideological colonization that many good Catholics (and Muslims and Sikhs and Evangelicals and Hindus etc) CANNOT accept. We know that it will destroy our society, our province, our families. Wynne condemns the ruining of native culture through Residential schools, but wants to ruin the Catholic faith/culture of faithful Catholics. She wants to do the same with the faiths of immigrant communities too.

Meanwhile ICE is taking dollars from Premier Wynne to add a few nice words (“Context”) and suggested teacher prompts to the standard sex ed curriculum.

The Catholic Intelligence Association will NOT submit our children to the ideologies of Wynne, Ben Levin, St Jerome’s SMF group, Cheri Dinovo, SIECCAN, OECTA, CARFLEO, Planned Parenthood, Jer’s Vision (CCGSD), ICE, etc

The new curriculum is embedded across the entire curriculum. It is not just for a couple of days per year. The teacher might be talking 6 genders in Math or gay families in Reading. That is the “cross-curricular” plan.

The OCSB school board loves to have reliefs of Pope Francis up in the front foyers of their schools (great marketing as Pope Francis is popular with secularists, enviromentalists, etc). But Pope Francis is adamant in telling us that we MUST ACT AGAINST what the OCSB is going to teach through the Ontario sex ed programme, GSAs, etc.

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