“Keep the Promise” – leftist brainwashing of children. #OCSB


Parents: Beware of “Keep the Promise”

Instead of spending time teaching children things like Reading and Writing and Arithmetic, the OCSB spends a day making children feel bad about others in poverty and then getting the children to think they have come up with ideas to stop poverty (however, these ideas have been fed into them by the leftist groups running KTP and are always identical to KTP pushes).

KTP is really just the CTF Teachers unions and folks like the son of Ed Broadbent (fmr NDP leader) and also bunch of sycophants of June Callwood.

None of the ideas from the leaders (or, non coincidentally, the children) are things like reducing corporate taxes to get more people working, or reducing hydro rates to keep factories in Ontario, or or reducing government/school wages and benefits so taxes could go down and help everyone, or to push resource development to get more work for parents.

Nope, the ideas are about more union jobs in  a universal childcare program, healthy food for children (do they want the govt to mandate what parents can buy?), increased minimum wage etc

KTP is tied in tightly with this partisan NDP motion:



The Grade 7 and 8 students in room 206 at Duke of Connaught Public School, Toronto, created a video to encourage anti-poverty Twitter advocacy using strategic hashtags. Join them by tweeting these hashtags:

  • #raisethewagecanada – raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour
  • #youthfueledbyfoodcanada – nutritious food available to kids
  • #care4kidscanada – affordable child care plan
  • #saveaboriginalyouthcanada – safe water, proper housing and poverty relief for aboriginal communities
  • #afford2livecanada – affordable housing options

Parents: Do not allow your children to participate in KTP days. The Canadian Teachers Federation (ie. union) should not be providing biased “curriculum” into schools. Take the time to search around the KTP website and you will be disgusted.

OCSB: Shame on you for brainwashing children in this manner.

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