#OCSB SHHS Religion Teacher Compares Abortion to Making Omelette


A Grade 12 student at Sacred Heart in Stittsville tweets that a “Mr White” compared abortion and omelettes from chicken eggs.

There is only one “Mr White on staff at SHHS; a Mr Pat White of the “Religion” Department!

Original quotes from George Carlin


Mr White’s disgusting comment is shameful. Comparing human offspring (Fetus is latin for offspring) to chicken eggs? (Also, on a strictly scientific note, eggs sold in stores are unfertilized – there are no roosters in egg hatcheries)

The Catholic Intelligence Association is calling for a FULL investigation of this matter. Teachers should not be making comments (jokes?) about abortion – one of the greatest social justice isues of our time!
Please contact Ms Belloni, Principal: SacredHeart.High@ocsb.ca

John Curry Trustee: John. Curry@ocsb.ca

Omelette Mr Pat White Religion Teachers SHHS

Omelette pic fetus

Other recent issues at SHHS:


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