#OCSB does “Diversity Day” on March for Life Day

The speech below by Cardinal Collins at March for Life was AMAZING! Unfortunately, none (or few) “chaplains” of the OCSB saw it. Some were at a “Diversity Day”, some had Grade 12 retreats. Apparently, the scourge of 100,000 babies killed per year in Canada and upcoming Euthanasia legislation to kill the elderly and infirm, is not as important as “Diversity Day”.

According to sign-up sheets at M4L, there were about a 100-150 (or so) OCSB students present.  We believe that the OCSB has about 14,000 high school students. 100 students is a pitiful low number – we remember that a SINGLE Ukrainian Catholic school from Toronto last year sent two full buses to M4L

This low number of students can be partially attributed to the OCSB “chaplains” organize days like Diversity Day



Last year’s Diversity Day (mainly LGBT):


2015 Diversity Day: God Yahweh Allah




PS: Don’t forget that many or all (?) “chaplains” claim the CLERGY tax deduction from the CRA


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