#OCSB: Free the Children/We Day now trained on LGBT indoctrination by CCGSD/Jer

The CIA (Catholic Intelligence Association) has long been opposed to Free the Children in schools. The Kenyan Catholic Bishops have asked all Catholics to stop funding them because of their contraceptive push. There is a LONG list of problems with Free the Children in the link below. Everything from Gay strippers to Rude Rap singers to FTC BoD members being Abortion Activists. As well, the Kielburgers have written strong support for Planned Parenthood and “reproductive health services” (we all know what that means)


Kielburgers: “And as women in developing countries fight for reproductive rights, our now Conservative majority government is poised to cut funding to International Planned Parenthood, an organization that provides reproductive health services abroad. It’s a paternalistic refusal to offer women in Africa the same rights offered to women in Canada.”


Now we see Jer’s Vision/CCGSD training the We Day “school trainers” in things like “cissexism” (Cissexism is an anti-Catholic, non-scientific idea: “Cissexism (or cissexual assumption) is the appeal to norms that enforce the gender binary and gender essentialism, resulting in the oppression of gender variant, non-binary, and trans identities.”


Expect FTC/We Day school trainers to be sneaking in some CCGSD material into catholic schools.



Jer's Vision and Free the Children 2 Jer's Vision and Free the Children 1

prochoice JVwayskinner

Elementary Lesson Plan


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