Activist GSA pushing LGBT book for JK-6 at St George’s #OCSB #ottnews

Horrendous news:

GSAs are NOT support groups. They are ACTIVIST groups that push anti-Catholic material into classrooms.

“”We have a bunch of books that are for, like, the little kids. That’s our rainbow library, that’s what we call it. And we’re going to set up a couple boxes in classrooms so that people who want to see a change in our school, they could just put [ideas for] what we could do better in that box,” said Polly of her plans.”


We know that the new principal for 2015/16 is pro-Day of Pink. So, very bad news


The “Rainbow library” will likely contain books like these:

The books on the table are:
Mommy, Mama, and Me
Uncle What-Is-It Is Coming
Daddy, Papa, and Me

(these are promoted by  Kevin Welbes-Godin (OECTA) – Safe & Inclusive Communities for LGBT
Students & Kevin Lobo (TCDSB) – Catholic Leadership & Social Justice)

The OCSB has lost control of its libraries and schools and what is taught to students


Parents: more GSAs in other elementary OCSB schools are coming. What are you willing to sacrifice for your children?

2 thoughts on “Activist GSA pushing LGBT book for JK-6 at St George’s #OCSB #ottnews”

  1. Does anybody know anyone have any intelligence on how this is being received, as in what the kids think of all this? What’s the impact on the children right now?


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