#OCSB Mom calls all scripture “hate”

All OCSB high schools are “open access” (free for ANYONE to attend). As well I have written that the OCSB elementary schools are defacto also open access:


Below is a comment that is par for the course from an OCSB parent to a Facebook ad during the propaganda week of “Catholic Education Week” (our tax dollars pay for these ads)

She calls Word of God “hate” and cheerfully reports that her children have never been told anything silly like no sex before marriage. She then allows her children to challenge any Catholic teaching they don’t like (they apparently haven’t heard any, so they haven’t had to challenge.

What an interesting “community” of parents and “discerning believers”


Dawn Murray: “My kids go to Catholic school but not because of the religion aspect but because their school rates very high in Ontario. Both of my kids are skeptical of religion and they have never, ever come home spewing scripture (hate) about gays, sex before marriage etc. I tell them they are allowed to challenge teachers as long as they do it in a respectful manner (no saying “that’s stupid or how can you believe that etc etc)”

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