Will #OCSB staff condemn Gay Indoctrination Coordinator at York #Catholic Board?

.. or will their silence be deafening and mean that they approve of his “cherry-picking” of Church teachings and mis-teaching students about the future of gay “marriage” in the Church

This is an shocking (but not surprising) story in Lifesite about Michael Way Skinner (MWS) and his talk at a recent Jer’s Vision/CCGSD conference:




What is the connection to the Ottawa Catholic School Board? 2 close ways:

a) Jan Bentham is Coordinator for Religious Education at the Board (MWS has a similar role in York). She is also a CARFLEO exec and a past award recipient. CARFLEO recently gave MWS a major award.

Will CARFLEO/Bentham retract this award, given what we now know about MWS and his cherry-picking?

b) OCSB Superintendent Simone Oliver is on the Board for EOCCC that brought MWS in as a KEYNOTE speaker


Will Oliver/EOCCC condemn MWS or will their silence mean their approval?

With people like MWS et al, no wonder the CARDUS study showed government catholic school grads WORSE than public school grads in terms of faith and morality!


Keep this in mind as the propagandists push “Catholic” Education Week next week via this video etc:



6 thoughts on “Will #OCSB staff condemn Gay Indoctrination Coordinator at York #Catholic Board?”

  1. How much did they pay them to sound so ‘nice’ what bull crap ! The catholic schools should take ‘catholic’ out of their names, its quite insulting and offensive that they add Catholic to their names. At least the evil taught in the public schools is not disguised through any ‘lens’ its worse that the evil taught in ‘catholic’ schools is taught to children as Christ’s Teaching


  2. The York coordinator is just a little more up front than his fellow coordinators. They are all whelps from the same dissident litter. They may hold back for a while and wait and see, until it is safe. Trustees? Board administrators? Bishops? All are terrified, of the homophobia charge. These invertebrates will say nothing.


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