Bad news for #OCSB St George’s School

More bad things headed for St George’s School.

The students have had to live through the assault by anti-Catholic parents like Quinn Maloney’s mother Ann (pro-“choice”, pro-gay “marriage”). Quinn is the supposed founder of the Gay Straight Alliance at St George’s.

The principal at St George’s was one of the very few faithful Catholic principals at the OCSB. However, we all remember how she was over-ruled by Director Julian “Wee We Day” Hanlon, Superintendent Peter “Mindfulness” Atkinson and OCSB Chair(wo)man Ted “Who am I to Judge” Hurley.

Now, we find out that St George’s is getting a new principal and Principal Beauchamp has been moved to a new school for 2015/16. Run out by Anti-catholics?

The new Principal is Tim Slack and he comes from St Rita’s School. His school raised $$ for pro-abort “Save the Children” (without apology). As well, he is a fan of the Day of Pink from CCGSD/Jer’s Vision (Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity)

More evidence that parents cannot rely on the odd good teacher or principal to protect their children.  In the end, the anti-catholic forces will attack your child by whatever way they can ( lame-stream media, sympathetic OCSB superiors, etc)

Slack CCGSD Day of Pink

Parent Ann Maloney:

acmaloney pro abort

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