International Day of Pink and Gender Ideology indoctrination at #ocsb

Archbishop Chaput might as well have been talking about Day of Pink when he said this last week:

The tendency will also be evident in anti-bullying policies “that turn public schools into indoctrination centers on matters of human sexuality” that undermine any concept of truth in the concepts of male and female; and it will be manifested in restrictions on public funding, revoked tax exemptions, and expanded government regulations.

Despite lots of good articles about the true agenda of CCSDG’s Day of Pink, including the 3 below, some OCSB “chaplains” and administrations promoted all to dress in 1 colour to celebrate IDOP and ALL that is entails.

All Saints Kanata Grade 8:

all saints day of pink All saint day of pink 2 Immaculate Chaplain Day of Pink

PS: Check out the lesson plans that Jeremy Dias and CCSGSD/DayofPink promote for elementary children:

Elementary Lesson Plan

(please read all the lesson plans!!)


Bonus: check out the gender teachings in this OCSB class at Holy Trinity:

Grade 12 Challenge and Change in Society



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