OECTA goes on attack against Catholics faithful to Magisterium #OCSB

Greetings to the OECTA Lawyers and others who may be against free speech and want to persecute those Catholic who have taken a vow of obedience to the Magisterium.
There were only 11 bullets in the President’s Report to the OECTA AGM. 3 of them are very relevant to us.

3) This blog is not about bullying – it simply “re-broadcasts” tweets and other public announcements from OCSB and other teachers and contrasts them to the Teachings of the Church (usually the Catechism or a relevant “Pope quote”). We do MUCH more than LGBTQ issues (eg. history lessons, Islam in World Religions, Hot 899 Hotties), but OECTA seems very pre-occupied on LGBTQetc issues!

Whiny teachers that complain to their union and get lawyers to look for ways shut down Free Speech sites remind me of the book “Liberal Fascism” by Jonah Goldberg. Will the Catholic Intelligence Blog be “Rosica’d”? for simply re-posting teacher tweets?

4 There is a small number of faithful Catholic teachers who belong to Guilds. OECTA is “monitoring closely” as they want to keep a monopoly of Religion AQ courses and they are angry that the Cardinal has shown the Guilds some favour and he dared to tell OECTA that OECTA has a misunderstanding of the Faith. At the end of the PDF, there is page after page of Deborah Gyapong articles about the Guilds.  (PS: Why is a union in charge of Religion education?)

10) OECTA seems to be quite “proud” of being praised by Xtra gay newspaper. And OECTA seems to delight in calling the Bishops “villains”. Xtra never even called the Bishops villains. Of course. President Jimmy is comfortable writing this in March 2015 as the Fall 2014 ACBO meeting was much more lame than even he expected (see 5)

11) Page after page of Harper Derangement Syndrome (HDS). Education is a provincial matter – OECTA seems more focused on federal issues because they suffer from HDS.

OECTA AGM 2015 President’s Report <– PDF



5 thoughts on “OECTA goes on attack against Catholics faithful to Magisterium #OCSB”

  1. Your question about a union being in charge of religious education (especially for teachers) is a trenchant one. This happened back in the day when, as Vatican II was wrapping up, politicos in the union realized the time was ripe for bishops to hand over the role of pedagogical formation and vetting of teachers to, well, them and their friends as ‘pedagogues’. It may be that the bishops, not so very politically savvy – and wilfully unaware that these minions were card-carrying NDP idealogues, welcomed this relaxation on their governing and teaching mandates which they feared would be overtaxed by the liturgical experiments coming on like gangbusters. Besides, some of the bishops may have been guiltily hand-wringing over their Winnipeg Statement dissenting from the counter-contraceptive teachings of blessed Paul VI. The result was, no teacher could land a permanent contract in a Catholic school (at least in Ontario) without passing with flying colours a Rel Ed I course designed by these ‘pedagogues’ – who increasingly were graduates of OISE (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education). This gave the union an unprecedented combined power over both labour and management, seen maybe nowhere else in the world but Holland and Belgium (where the Dutch Catechism, so loved by OECTA pedagogues had done untold harm). With bishops set aside as the ’employers’ (especially when full funding came in), parents could easily be marginalized by the divide-and-conquer strategy we have seen ever since in board meetings giving lip service to a parental presence, even en masse. The power was so enviable that OSSTA (trustees associations) began to be populated with OECTA retirees and of course retired teachers who had fallen in with their essentially socialist and dissenting ideologies. We are now speaking of over two generations ! These ideologies still find a warm fertilizing agar medium at OISE, which was from the start a socialist ideological plant from the United States (not really ‘Ontarian’) which found a home in Toronto during the cold war. When I took Rel Ed I, OECTA even imported an atheist speaker who drubbed the little remaining media who referred to communists in Russia as ‘soviets’ (this was before the collapse). He knew nothing about our Lady’s words at Fatima. Nowadays, the overt socialism is covered-over with a veneer of Frankfurt-school ‘critical analysis’ — i.e. Marxist-Feminist theory that cracks under its own weight. OECTA’s heads are now of course well placed, and you can be sure at least one of them was in Yogyakarta for that rogue ‘resolution’ (it’s not even a UN policy) that has been used for all it’s worth to push the amorphous gender identity roots of false anthropology (and thus sex education and the whole revolutionary gamut) on education from the earliest grades. That’s why we have the sex ed program to tackle now. And of course McGuinty, a political ‘Catholic’ who’d have been just as at home in the NDP (his friend Bob Ray has been for years a key advisor to the federal Liberals), was a close ally to these operators during the years when archbishop Aloysius Ambrozic began to expose and embarrass some of the worst OECTA leaders. They struk back, finding lots of media friends to spin him as intolerant and make life generally Hell. So, given the pedigree of Wynn etc., and influences in ICE etc., OECTA’s conceited view that it is the de facto ordinary (and extraordinary) magisterium in Ontario will not soon be undone. When even a cardinal is persuaded that OECTA’s system could deliver the new sex education responsibly, it shows the bishops have been blinded as to the thorough unorthodoxy of OECTA theology. OECTA even has important bishops convinced that their third leg (teaching) can never again be reclaimed from this hydra – and of course they’d topple without that third member of the episcopal tripos. Truly, we are in a moral and intellectual quagmire. Our only hope, in my opinion, is to educate (‘politically’ I suppose) and pray for our bishops. They be struck, we scattered, and children lost. It is time for that prophetic “turning of fathers’ hearts to their sons, and sons to their fathers” – the last sexist remark OECTA wants to hear.


  2. Gary

    I hear you big time. OECTA is simply not committed to faithful Catholicism. The praxis of OECTA was, long ago, wrenched away from solid Catholic doxis. When it comes to beliefs and practices, OECTA takes it lead from the neo-paganism of our culture. If you openly oppose the dissident party line, of OECTA, you will be targeted. Those who operate this blog are showing some great courage. Bishops, long ago, fell silent and the catechetical pathogens of OECTA continue unabated.

    Spread the word and support this blog.


  3. It would be interesting to hear more about this historical episode:

    “… the years when archbishop Aloysius Ambrozic began to expose and embarrass some of the worst OECTA leaders…”

    Whatever he said or did, it couldn’t have been very effective, because it seems nothing changed. Right?


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