Brian Lilley: Caught in a lie, #OCSB reaches for “context” – 2013

In honour of my 14,000th view (since the blog started 3 months ago), I thought I would link this Lilley article that many people do not know about:

Please right click and do “save as” if you want to keep a local copy of this webpage in case SunMedia takes it down:

Caught in a lie, board reaches for “context”

“If de Kemp, McDonald and the rest of them at the school board office want to continue to claim that I have taken them out of context then I welcome their phone calls or emails to explain and I will happily publish them.

For full disclosure, I send my kids to the Catholic school system in Ottawa and that makes me doubly upset. The board officials are setting an example that teaches children to dodge, obfuscate and then lie when you are caught doing something you shouldn’t.

The documents I have show that the Archbishop contacted the school board to ask what was going on and he was told the children were simply observing. So in addition to not telling the truth to concerned parents and the media, the board also failed to tell the Archbishop the truth.

I await further word from the board.”


In other news, here is the sunshine list for OCSB:

schoolboards_2014  <–pdf

13 pages of OCSB employees making >$100K/yr with 70% pensions for 25-30years after.

Principals make in the $125K range

Superintendents make in the $175K range

Director Hanlon = $233K

OCSB Sunshine2 OCSB Sunshine1

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