CARFLEO promoting LGBT propaganda movie “Owning Our Faith”. To be shown soon at #OCSB ?

CARFLEO is promoting the LGBT Propaganda movie “Owning Our Faith” in a tweet. They also have called GSAs in Alberta an “historic day”. CARFLEO long been propagandists for Gay activities.

It can be expected that this propaganda movie will be shown by a “diversity club” (this is the euphemism that OCSB uses to call Activist GSAs like @spkloveislouder at St Peter’s) or a board-wide “Diversity Day” (remember, last year’s OCSB Diversity Day had Carleton LGBT Activist @Sarahcoophow ). PARENTS BEWARE!

The OCSB and the CARFLEO Religion Teachers Organization have close ties.

In fact, OCSB Coordinator of Religious Education and Family Life Education, Jan Bentham is on the CARFLEO Executive and the OCSB was quite proud of her receiving the CARFLEO Pockock award for 2014.

bentham pocock

Bentham Diversity Clubs

CARFLEO Owning Our Faith


LGBT background at CARFLEO:


Scene from movie:


Movie Participants:

Some quotes from movie participants:

““My friend and I talked to a couple of priests and their response was, ‘If the Church isn’t going to support your family then go find another Christian Church that supports you.'”

““I’ve found a place where I can live as an out, gay man who’s dating, and has great friendships and has a full life and can also come every Sunday night and talk about faith.”

““What the Church is saying is you cannot live fully. You can be gay, but you can’t live that life. And so that inherently is discriminatory.”


“It’s just not a matter of accepting us, you have to, or tolerate us, you have to encourage us to be who we are. We are God’s creation. And to deny that is to deny that He knows what the hell he’s doing.”

“If we leave it, if we abandon the Church then it’s never going to change. So we have to continue living here, being an example and encouraging other people to be that example because that’s what’s going to change the Church.”



Rick Vidal and his “husband”

Critiques of Movie:


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