Day of Pink – Centre for Gender and Sexuality Diversity (Jer’s Vision) #OCSB

Lots of #OCSB children will be wearing pink in a couple of weeks. This is tightly coupled with Jer’s Vision (although the OCSB has tried to deny it before and said it was just against anti-bullying). Jer’s Vision has changed its name to to CCGSD in order to accurately reflect their push for Gender Ideology (called demonic by Pope Francis)


At the big IDOP gala this year will be the 2 St George’s students who started Canada’s first activist GSA for Grades JK-6. I wonder how proud the OCSB is?



When Ottawa Catholic doctors warned the Bill 13 committee against GSAs and particularly mentioned the proposed law permitted elementary schools GSAs, the OCSB said NOTHING! Silence means approval!

In fact, the current OCSB chair (then OECTA Ottawa head) spoke IN FAVOUR of the Bill 13 ( the bill for elementary and high school activist GSAs)!

On Elaine McMahon, (OECTA, now OCSB Chair) by Father Kuntz:

Catholic Doctors on Bill 13 (activist GSAs):

Medical Presentation:

Mygsa_v2 <– Powerpoint on Activist GSAs

Question: Will OCSB Chair or any other trustees or former trustees show up at the Day of Pink Gala?



Mother of one of the girls (who pushed all this and organized the meeting with Jer’s Vision etc) is “pro-choice”:

acmaloney pro abort


Of course, Jer’s Vision/CCSSD does a special invite to ultra-gay-activist St Peter’s Love is Louder group:


in Previous years, All Saints Day of Pink (overtakes “He is Risen” at Easter?)

ASH Rethiink Hate 2

ASH Rethiink Hate 3All Saints transgender logoASH Rethink Hate 4

prochoice JV


New addition:

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