Genderbread Wynne attacks children of Catholic Church! #ocsb

The term “gender identity” is used over 30 times in the new sex ed document

Gender Identity health1to8  <– pdf of sex ed document

What the Catholic teaches about the false ideology of “gender identity”.

“The bishops characterized “gender identity” as a “false ideology” and say prohibiting the Church from disapproving of same-sex sexual conduct “creates a serious threat to freedom of conscience and religious liberty,” CNS reported.
Polish Bishops and Pope Francis Expose the Gender Identity Movement

Planned Parenthood and Genderbread
OECTA and Genderbread


Addition: Another blogger with more info on Gender Bending in Ontario:


Brian Lilley:

2 thoughts on “Genderbread Wynne attacks children of Catholic Church! #ocsb”

  1. Let’s hope we can put the word ‘gender’ to rest very soon. It is a descriptive term used in grammar by languages which have masculine and feminine nouns. The correct term for male and female is SEX. We must never use the language of the enemy!


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