OAPCE and Sex Ed #ocsb #onted #ottnews

OAPCE is a  group in bed with the pro-World Gay pride OECTA and the Lieberals! They are a front group.

See the following NP article.

What is very worrisome is that ICE looks ready to sell out faithful Catholic parents and let the radical sex ed curriculum into state-run catholic schools this September (private Catholic schools are NOT affected)


“It’s an anxiety Brian Evoy, president of the Ontario Association of Parents in Catholic Education, has recently heard.

“I’ve spoken to parents who’ve called me, and had this fear that their kids were going to be taught things they didn’t want to be taught,” he says. Grandparents have also expressed concerns that children are being taught about “free sex.”

His organization was part of the consultations on the updated sex-ed curriculum, he says, and the process was a positive one. He’s confident the Institute for Catholic Education (ICE) will find ways to interpret the curriculum so it makes sense for Catholic students.

“I don’t have a crystal ball and can’t tell you it’s going to be embraced by everyone,” he says. “But our organization is very much in favour of the curriculum and all of the changes that will be made.””

 Do NOT trust OAPCE or OECTA or ICE! Any words that ICE has to “nuance” anal sex or gender fluidity will not be satisfactory. Save the souls of your children!

Instead, listen to the words of Archbishop Prendergast:







PS: please take the time to watch this brian lilley video:



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