Extreme Secrecy at #OCSB

A friend of the CIA (and a devoted follower of St Joshua) did an FOI and shared the results with us.

Some observations:

1) For an “open and transparent” organization, the OCSB loved to black things out!! Why would an entire agenda be blacked out? Are the OCSB dealing with Russian or Chinese spy infiltration? I have seen less redaction on CSIS documents! Does the OCSB not realize that taxpayers have the RIGHT to information.

2) They are starting to do more and more phone conversations that cannot be FOIed. This might be something my friend might take up with the Provincial FOI authorities.

3) The gay newspaper, Daily Xtra seems mighty upset that the material those 2 GSA girls at St George’s “Gay rights” social justice fair might actually present may be made public by an insider at St George’s. They do NOT want parents to find out what is being shown to our children!

4) The OCSB seems to relieved that my 2 children have in fact graduated from St Matthew’s – does this lessen the FACTS on my blog in any way whatsoever??


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